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It’s easy to throw things down the drain when you’re in a rush. You’ve just made dinner, and need to pour the oil out. Or, you’ve made a plunger coffee and pour the plunger in the sink. When you’re in a rush, blocked drains are the last thing on your mind. Here are three less obvious things you shouldn’t throw down the sink or flush down the toilet. 

3 Things that shouldn’t go down the drain:

Oils, grease and fat:

It’s easy to throw oil down the drain after cooking, but it can wreak havoc on your pipes. These substances form into sticky masses that stick to the pipes and other matter to create blockages. Rather than pouring these substances down the sink, pour them into a container and let them cool. Once cooled, throw them out. 


Unlike the last substance, paint isn’t dangerous because it clogs drains. It may feel normal to wash your paintbrushes in the sink. However, paint, whether water or oil, is full of toxins. When you wash your paint in the sink, it’s toxins will wind up in the water supply. Much like the cat’s business, this can cause trouble for animals and plants.

Flushable kitty litter:

Despite the promise in the name, flushable kitty can still block your drains. It can also cause trouble for septic tanks. Plus, your cat’s business has bacteria that are difficult to treat with regular water treatment chemicals. So when it ends up in water supply, it can damage the local ecosystem. 

Got clogged drains?

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